Pastured Chicken – the French way!

The French believe that their chickens should not be raised without flavor and we agree!

So in line with this beloved belief, we raise a chicken that originated in the southern part of France that is bred to meet the requirements of the famed Label Rouge system of certification, which emphasizes free range practices and improved flavor.

Our farming practices reflect our family principles that life be cherished, preserved and shared. So, we raise our chickens in open pesticide-free pastures, humanely, where they roam in the sun and fresh air 24 hours/day. Our chickens take twice as long to raise as compared to those found in the US and this slow growth is the key to their incredible flavor.

For 2021, our chickens will be available from May to October.  We have our chickens professionally processed and USDA inspected. We sell them whole and most weigh between 3.5 to 6lbs.